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Your crew is so nice to work with and my clients love that their discards go to a good home. Thanks!
Rachel Siegel
Professional Organizer
Owner, Spruce
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Who is EcoHaul?

EcoHaul, Inc. is a collection of hard working, like-minded individuals dedicated to changing a wasteful world one truckload at a time. Although we come from a multitude of backgrounds, we hold one thing in common: a deep concern for the environment and everyone and everything that lives within it.

Like most things, EcoHaul is what we make it. We choose to make it a means to affecting positive, sustainable change in an industry and a society that desperately needs change. As well, we choose to make it a darn fun place to work.

We look forward to sharing with you our enthusiasm for our work and our mission at every opportunity.

The EcoHaul Staff

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